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Release Bulletin

April - 2013

Release 7.6

  • Group association fix.1. You can now remove family associations. 2. At time duplicate record was creating when updating association
  • MF Holding report enhancement. Added NAV date, weighted NAV, annualized return. Removed XIRR, DVR value
  • Financial profile enhancement. Added children education expense as a category. & separated "Motor vehicle "  insurance from "others" category of "General Insurance"
  • MF reports improvements. All the reports standardized further. Alignments. Removed doted lines. New rupee symbol added, date format standardized. Most of the reports enabled for running for the latest date
  • Back end valuation enhancement. Annualized return and weighted NAVs are now been calculated
  • 1. MF Net Position grid. Added annualized return, weighted NAV, weighted age. Removed XIRR 2. Improved the fact sheet drill done. It now display selected AMC
  • FP report fix. Only if general insurance section is selected will it appear in the report
  • Operation role fix. Now WealthERP Manger and Tracker subscriber are able to assign operation role to staff
  • Prospect search fix. Search on prospect was giving error
  • Preference setting changes. 1. Default logout page fix. Now you set your own logout page 2. Themes setting I snow available to all subscribers
  • MF AUM Holdings MIS improvement. Added NAV date, R&T name, relabeled unit to Unit Balance
  • Staff user management is now option available to all subscribers
  • Message functionality is now available to all the subscribers
  • New screen to monitor automated SIP exceptions
  • Systematic View fix. During customer login at time error will appear while opening systematic form

Release 7.5

  • MF Turnover MIS Fix. Staff/Customer variant is now opening properly
  • Customer delete fix. Delete customer feature in customer grid is now working
  • Edit option for customer enhancement. Customers can directly add/edit assets
  • Customer association fixes. You can now reassign association in bulk by selecting across multiple pages
  • Goal list improvement. Goal list in now visible only after click on Go button
  • Customer grid enhancements. You can now sort and filter by category. Paging is improved
  • Setting -> SMS/email -> display improvement. Instruction are added on the grids that will used the display settings
  • EQ grid fix. Cost of sales and proceeds labels corrected
  • View Folio fix. In certain situations the grid was displaying deleted unmanaged portfolios. It is now fixed
  • MF eligible capital report fix. In some situation the amount was displaying zero
  • Customer search fix. Operation user trying search after opening any customer would get error
  • SIP automation improvement. Transaction and valuation creation timing advanced. Any transaction with today sip will reflect in next data transaction and Net position

March - 2013

Release 7.4

  • MF Reports Enhancement :Reports showing latest data. MF summary and Relaised report also now display the latest data. Comprehensive an d holdimg alredasy can show the latest data
  • View systematic MIS fix :Data filter on customer SIP grid fixed. At time unmanaged sips will appear aunder managed portfolio filter
  • Staff maintenance Enhancements .1. removed a duplicate entery for operation staff 2. issue with send login fixed. 3. removed display of cluster/zone durig edit. 4. Retriction on the number of operation staff that cab be added based on the purchase subscription
  • MF Order entry fix. At times aditional family meber name will appear in joint holding list. AT TIMES EMAIL SEND Was not working
  • Branch maintance Fix . In some scenarions branch was not adding
  • Display Grid Settings. Validations added to maintaining grid size
  • MF past Valuation fix. It now allows for selection of the last business day of the previuos month
  • MF SIP MIS enhacement. Filter added to select managed and unmanaged portfolio
  • Customer /Prospect Grid enhacement. Improved look and feel. Flexbible sorting and groupin now available. Customer id is also displayed
  • Customer MF net position enhacement. If the latest valuation is delayed it will still show the last run valuation
  • Client category feature. Customer can now categorised. Go in settimg to set categories. Then under customer pickadvisor note to asiign a category
  • Risk Profile fix. It allows change from aggreed to recommonded and vice versa

February - 2013

Release 7.3.4

  • "Adjustment Value" entered in FP Profile , will be reflect in insurance amoujnt of " FP Dashboard
  • "Bank Name " Drop down is not showing any record in the drop down list. Issue resolved
  • Export into Excel, issue fixed
  • MF Report: Email Report

Release 7.2

  • View Staff and customers login activity
  • You can now view stopped SIPS with remarks
  • Customer level folio grid. Improved the look n feel
  • Revised navigation. Introduced new categoroes
  • Customer level bank details. Improved look and feel and readability
  • Further standradised the MF holding report and comprehensive report
  • Folio upload improvement. PAN number is Folio exception is now editable
  • New portfolio composiation report. Comptehensive report enhaced, the portfoio composition I snow removed from here
  • Two risk profiles are now being supported. Per questionaire and agreed
  • Folio list enhaced to display family and heads and member details
  • Configues your own login widget along with message that goes to customers